Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIAW with Deirdre

Here we Wednesday again and in case you're wondering what this "What I Ate Wednesday" hoolabaloo is all about check out Peas & Crayons.
Happy Autumn. It's official. It's here and there is no denying it. Apples, pumpkin, cinnamon, mums, colorful leaves and crisp air.
But there was no way I was going to let that last day of summer slip me by so we went to the beach. It wasn't a sunny day (cloudy when we arrived, sunny when we left) nor was it warm (58 degrees) and by all accounts beach season appeared to be over, but not for us, nope...we savored it until the very last moment.
We pulled on our wetsuits, paddled out and rode those waves until our toes were numb and hot chocolate was the only remedy...and maybe some pumpkin bread.
Then we got back in the wild water and rode wave after wave and sat out there watching the water and chatted about everything and nothing. It was beautiful, perfect and warmed me from within.
When the sun started to dip low and we positively couldn't take the air temperature and wind any longer we peeled off our wetties, turned up the heat in the sandy car and went and got some warm butternut squash and cranberry soup in bread bowls...and for dessert, ICE CREAM! It was after all the last day of summer. Why not? And why not fall into the habit of doing what you love despite the odds, ride those waves, whether they be water or painting or writing or dog walking or what you love and love what you do.
Unfortunately the camera was forgotten as I enjoyed most of this day, food here are a few other items from my week, yes I take photos of what I eat...and no they're not high quality, but it's all part of savoring the flavor...
Cheers! A week's worth of Sambucol for a cold...Boo Hoo.
Tomato Soup and Gold Fish are good for the aformentioned cold...

I'm a pretty big deal...

Apple Dumpling pre-baked....

Baked with homemade whipped cream...

Chard & Ricotta No-Noodle Lasagna with Parm.

Homemade peanut butter - peanut butter cookies...
No, that's not a typo, I made the peanut butter.
Bon Appetit,



  1. You made the peanut butter? Well done Deirdre. I am guessing it made the cookies taste that much better!

    Happy Wednesday to you :)

    1. The PB- literally toss peanuts in food processor. Sprinkle in some salt and watch the magic happen. So super easy! :)