Over at Ladies Holiday we amassed an abundance of food related posts and simply couldn't keep up with publishing them all so we've created Aliment, a sister-site to supplement our women's lifestyle blog.

Inspired by the French concept, Aliment, meaning to nourish the triad of mind, body and heart, as well as our relationship to food and and the way in which it sustains us both physically and emotionally, here, you will be able to join us in the kitchen several times a week.

Our purpose is to deliver recipes, food photos, thoughts and information on food and diet with a focus on healthy and wholesome choices, but will also include the delicious indulgences that make life sweet.

In our households we host vegetarians, sometimes vegans, the lactose intolerant, celiacs, gluten-free eaters and pretty much everything in between so you can be sure attention and tips will be given for those with particular dietary needs.

We will also share the strategies that work for feeding our families breakfast, lunch and dinner on a budget, garden-grown food, cooking with kids, gadgets, shortcuts, cookbook reviews and more.

We look forward to this new project and hope it brings you inspiration for good food shared with good company.

Bon Appetit!

Bonheur du Jour:

Monday: Tamar
Wednesday: What I Ate Wednesday or Anything Goes
Friday: Deirdre

About Deirdre & Tamar
When I was a child I was considered a picky-eater, I wouldn't agree with that assessment now, but rather, would say I am selective. I try to be mindful that my ratio of savory to sweet falls more heavily with whole, green, fresh and local food, but I am known to bake some delicious scones and love myself a cookie now and then and now.
My family has patiently accommodated our food adventure, which I suppose they actually have little say in since I am the one who cooks. But credit is given where credit is due when my (now) husband (then boyfriend) opened my heart with a simple black bean, caramelized onion and cheddar-cheese quesadilla. Up until then I had subsisted on little more than bagels, cereal and ice cream.
Who knew the way to a women's heart was through her stomach. Caught me by surprise. Somehow that translated into marriage and me happily wielding the spatula, but I will never say no to him pulling up his sleeves and preparing a meal and getting the kids in the kitchen is one of our favorite activities and you'll find our little helper's hands mixing, kneading and creating here on Aliment too.

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