Monday, August 6, 2012

Tamar's Bruschetta Nouveau

Aliment, Copyright 2012
     While experience can be thanked in large part for the development of my culinary intuition, necessity (the mother of invention) deserves an honorary mention. I have a large family, as modern families go, and we live on a tight budget, creativity is required in order to keep our palate's from falling into a slump of monotony while using whatever we have on hand rather than buying the perfect/classic ingredients for any number of recipes.

     In the spirit of Culinary Intuition, I will share with you today my very own Bruschetta Nouveau. This recipe came about without any planning whatsoever...I simply had a tomato and a couple of interesting Lemon Cucumbers from my sister-in-law's garden that I needed to use before they went bad. My mother-in-law had recently dropped off a delicious loaf of tuscan garlic bread. Yesterday was a particularly hot and muggy New England day, with tomato and cucumbers in hand it didn't take long for my brain to make the leap from "I should use these up" to ", tangy, refreshing's been too long!" especially once I noticed that loaf of bread on my counter. In the past I would never have thought of putting cucumbers in bruschetta and I would have fretted over not having any fresh basil. I tended to stick to recipes in their exactness for fear that my own instincts were not sharp enough to lead me down a yummy road, I needed a recipe to help me navigate my way to deliciousness. The only bruschetta I'd ever had (until I made my own yesterday) was made with red onion, garlic, tomatoes, and fresh basil. Simple and delicious yes, but not the only way it can be done. I don't have that fear I mentioned any more, I spend much more time saying things to myself like "cucumbers in bruschetta...why not? No basil? Who cares...I have fresh cilantro, that could work. Let's shake things up!" And you know what? My time in the kitchen is much more fun, less stressful, and I'd venture to say...more delicious than EVER.

      ....So that is why I want to say to you, dear reader, before you make this (or any other recipe) especially if your attitude in the kitchen is currently much like my former one: Have no fear. Shake things up! Even as you look over my recipe, don't have to stick to it! Get creative, use what you have on hand. There's no need to break the bank, or waste your time running all over town trying to pick up the exact "right" ingredients. Besides, in my research I have found that there really isn't an exact "right" recipe for bruschetta, it is very malleable and chef's have created many variations on the theme. While there are certain "temperamental" dishes (that's what I call them any way) that should be carefully prepared one way in order to do it right (pastries like croissants and scones come to mind) there are loads and loads of dishes that are easy going, flexible types for those of us who may not be trained chef's but are willing to get in the kitchen and take some's too short and foods too awesome to waste time stressing over something that is meant to be truly enjoyed.
     Now that my pep talk is out of the way...the recipe:

Aliment, Copyright 2012

1. One large tomato--chopped
2. Two small cucumbers--diced

3. Two small onions, one rib celery,  
six garlic cloves--coarsely chopped

4. Generous drizzle (in equal parts) of 
chili infused olive oil and red wine vinegar

5. Fresh cilantro, dry oregano, 
salt and pepper--to taste

6. Place all ingredients in a 
2 qt jar--Shake! Shake! Shake!

7. Garlic bread slices topped with  
shredded mozzerella-provolone blend
--broiled until golden  

8. Serve one on top o' the other. This pairs well 
with Trader Joe's "Charles Shaw Chardonnay" (a.k.a. "Three Buck Chuck" white wine)

     Although bruschetta is normally served as an appetizer, you should know by now that I am not one for rule following. I ate...Four. Large. Slices....for dinner last night. It was to die for. So delicious!! It should also be noted that I prepared the veg around noon and then refrigerated it until dinner time, which allowed the flavors to blend really well. Let me know if you make it, and if you vary the recipe I'd love to know what you tried. I would say let me know if  you liked it...but that's a given, I know you will!
 Bon Appetit! 
Aliment, copyright 2012



  1. I LOVE bruschetta, it's just so fresh and full of flavour. I have mine with tomato, avocado and basil... that's pretty much it. Never thought of adding moazzarella but I guess it makes sense :-)

  2. I just LOVE bruschetta!! This recipe like sooooo interesting! I will try it!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!