Friday, August 17, 2012

Babycakes II -- Cookbooks

Last week I introduced you all to the wonder that is Babycakes...gluten free, refined- sugar-free, egg-free, vegan, dairy-free kosher and major eye candy. Sometimes literally. I had the opportunity to visit while I was in Orlando and yes, it lived up to my expectations and more. Of course, I'd been baking Babycakes for a fair while before enjoying a bakery bought delight, but it was fun to go to the store front in person.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Erin McKenna, is the adorable entrepreneur, mama, gluten-sensitive and extraordinary woman is the brains and baker behind this operation. Her first cookbook, Babycakes, kept me semi-distracted and comforted as I awaited my daughter to emerge from surgery several years ago. When we returned home I whipped up some cookies for her as she recovered, knowing I was offering not only a special treat, but also devoid of some of the nasties that have crept into conventional baking products.

After the release the second cookbook, Babycakes Covers the Classics, I revisted both of the cookbooks in a mad-baking spree (reminiscent of how the whole thing got started, as you'll read in Erin's introduction, but without all of the trial and error.)'ll have to get ahold of one or both of these cookbooks for yourself, but I promise, if you follow the recipe to the letter, you will enjoy special occassion treats that can pretty much cover anyone and everyone's particular dietary needs- that is something worth celebrating!

This is gingerbread. This is delicious.

And it's gone.

Snickerdoodles- all rolled up and almost ready to go!

See that flattening action! That is how it is done!

Into the oven they go and oh my cinnamon sugar does it smell good!

See? Perfection. And like I said, gluten free, refined- sugar-free, egg-free, vegan, dairy-free kosher and major eye candy.

You can bake your own, order baking kits from the store, an apron (hint, hint, wink, wink, check out the blog and more fun for everyone!

Bon Appetit,

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