Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Welcome to the very first “What I Ate Wednesday”on Aliment. Both Tamar and I have participated in past WIAW over on Ladies Holiday, but we thought it would only be right our WIAWs get their very own stage.

So breakfast is pretty standard for me (use the Austin Powers Dr.Evil voice for that one. Pretty Standard.”) If for some reason you don’t get the reference click below and be carried back to the 90’s version of the 60’s. Pretty fun really.

But this is how I start each day and really it doesn’t get boring for me.

As for lunch I usually mix it up... I often open for something fresh and light, but on this particular day I noticed an abundance of eggs in my refrigerator. Eggs from my chickens, who up until recently free ranged upon their our land when we discovered much of our crops had been pilfered, kale, basil, squash, beans and most horrifically the tomatoes, we sought to confine them at least until our veggies matured. The speckled one is a Houdini and keeps finding a way out of her enclosure..we're on to you Poppy!
Anyway, these girls, now that they are in their pen have turned into major egg producers. For the past couple years we would get maybe a half dozen eggs or so a week. Which seemed okay based on our egg consumption, but now we're getting two or three a day. Makes me wonder if they were laying in some covert nest. I'll have to keep a look out.
So for lunch I made mini-quiche "muffins" with plenty to offer the kids for a snack when they got home from school or to save for breakfast (for them) the next day.
Interestingly, the photo of the final product has disappeared from my camera...make me wonder about those chickens and what kinds of shenanigans they get up to.

The procedure is simple:
1. Fry up some onions and peppers or whatever veg you like with your eggs. Heat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Crack some eggs and scramble (preferably from some laying hens from a nearby family or farm.)
3. Add a splash of milk. I like almond and or coconut, my daughter likes coconut and my hubs likes the almond coconut blend- so we have a revolving circuit of alt-milks in the fridge.
4. Spray or butter or oil a muffin tin.
5. Fill with egg mixture.
6. Add onion and pepper mixture.
7. Top with cheese of your choice. I'm all over the place combining dairy, non-dairy. I love Daiya.
8. Top with some foil for the first leg of cooking - 20 mins then uncover for last 5 mines for a total of 25. My oven is odd...my cooking times vary- the back is warmer than the front and the left cooler than the right. So the point is, keep an eye and be sure the eggs are cooked through.
9. Enjoy! I added a small mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

California veggie burger with lettuce, mustard and grass-fed cheddar. Sweet potato fries recipe here,  I opted for coarse salt and smoked pepper. I have to say, those are the best sweet potato fries I've ever had. They are baked and oh so perfect! On the side is homemade coleslaw with cilantro.  
And no that napkin is not a result of a laundry accident…my kids and I made tye-dyed napkins last summer. Barrels of fun.

I also drink fountains of water throughout the day. Just so you know.

And now for dessert which on this day basically replaced my-would have been snack around three thirty, I was saving myself:

I am a cookie lover. When I happened upon Natalie of Nat the Fat Rat fame on a cookie quest I just about fell over. What a genius idea. I like cookies of all persuasion and very rarely have I met one I didn’t like. (The highlighted words are all links to her cookie escapades. Just in case you need to see for yourself. You know, strictly for academic purposes ;)

When I tried the winner from Natalie’s Cookie Tasting Party. I fell deeply in love and for the space of three days those cookies and I made sweet music. The is the subtle crunch as I took a buttery bite, the soft squish as I chewed the chips and a barely detectable sigh when I swallowed. I was one smitten kitten.

Tonight I eat the final cookie. I swooned. My sweet children laid claim to the other two and with that, dear cookies, I bid you adieu. Until next time.

If you are willing to trod down this dangerously delicious path, I urge you, click here for the recipe, you won't be sorry.

In case you want to go on your very own cookie odyssey here is more and this too. Capped by the grand finale with the very best recipe ever. Chipper Champs. It was a good run. Sigh.

Bon Appetit,


  1. Looks so delicious!!! Please share the recipe for the California veggie burger! And I will be trying out that cookie recipe for sure - it looks deadly good. =D

    1. I will for sure share the recipe- look for it soon...involves avocado YUM! Thanks for stopping by :)